14 of the America's most hapless kitchen dwellers

Article by Roberto Fuzzy

The fifth season of Worst Cooks in America is on its way to the viewer and the contestants names have now been released. But before we get into it, what's the show about in the first place? Simply put, it's a cooking show with mentors Anne Burrell and Bobby Flay competing each with their own teams. The teams have been selected based on recommendations of friends and family for their extraordinarily bad cooking skills. So the worse you are, the better chance you have to get to the show.

The show consists of seven episodes and the contestants need to show improvement in their kitchen skills in each of them. Their tasks/challenges include high-stakes pizza challenge, breakfast in bed, farm challenge together with milking cows and so on. Each episode someone is eliminated from the show. But the best of the best will be walking home with $25 000.

So, who are the contestants for the fifth season of Worst Cooks in America?

- Daniel Beyda, Radiologist and family man.
- Amber Brauner, single mom Amber.
- Benjamin "Benji" Hunter Brown III, man who has only tried to cook twice in his life.
- Mike Glazer, man who managed to lit the kitchen curtains on fire at his mother's house.
- Lance Green, audio engineer and music producer/writer, man who thought he can cook, until his family admitted the truth.
- Carol Holder, New York City luxury realtor who sells million dollar apartments.
- Ken Hsu, Personal trainer who indulges in Frito Pies and fast food.
- Casey Penton, a nurse, a germaphobe, who has kind of made a habit of burning food.
- Carie Pullano-Keller, a promotional model.
- Danielle Ruiz-Wiley, a full-time mother and wife with a kitchen phobia.
- Joe Slaughter, comes from a family of great cooks, and then there's him.
- Stephanie St. Aubin, federal government worker who still lives at home with her mother.
- Jamie Thomas, flight attendant who can't even make an omelette.
- Muneerah Warner, an abstinence advocate with fire department on speed dial.

You can learn more about the show and the contestants at FoodNetwork.com/WorstCooks.

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