Stupid laws in United States

Article by Roberto Fuzzy

Not to say any bad things about the United States, but when someone is talking about something really stupid being done, none of us is really surprised if it turns out the story is about the United States. US is definitely not the only country with some rather stupid laws, but it definitely has it's hand in the sup pot.

In Illinois, it is illegal to speak English. The official recognized language is American. And for those people in Oxford, Ohio, who probably can't speak American (only English) it is illegal for a woman to undress in front of a picture with a man. And if this illegal picture-couple happens to be married and the man turns out to be an impotent, in 24 states it is considered a reason of divorce.

Especially if the man was Robin Hood. In Indiana in 1950 everything related to this man was forbidden as he was considered a communist. Now think what Obama must be going through! Besides, considering Robin Hood didn't have very good relationships with the law, no surprise that even if he would have managed to get to the United States and ended up in Walnut City, California, he could be considered a cross dresser (well, at least in the parody version) and a man wishing to cross-dress must first obtain permission from the sheriff. In case of Robin Goods, the sheriff simply wouldn't got for it!

Talking about sheriffs, I don't know if the rules apply to them as well, but in Oregon, it's illegal to strap children to the fender or roof of an automobile. On the same note, in some states it is also illegal to make love to a dead fish. Damn, I was just hoping to get on with it.

Since working with your dingo on a fish isn't legal, you might want to go to San Antonio, Texas to piss on the Alamo, but unfortunately that's illegal as well due to Ozzy Osborne who urinated on this famed historical site and it infuriated many Texans. Not that it's difficult to infuriate them anyhow - just call Bush a moron. That should do the trick.

Talking about tricks - have you ever thought about going whale-hunting in Tennessee? The trick is to find any whales there, but even if you do, keep in mind that it's only legal to shoot whales from a moving automobile. While whale killing is legal if you do it in a moving vehicle, you can't have oral sex in there, not in South Carolina anyhow and not even outside the vehicle. You're not allowed to have oral sex at all. However, should you, in your dissatisfaction decide to go parachuting, make sure you're not a single woman on a beautiful Saturday morning in Florida. That might only increase your dissatisfaction as you'll be risking going to jail.

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