Top Ten Haunted U.S. cities

Article by Roberto Fuzzy

The Top Ten haunted cities in America are (in no particular order):

New Orleans, LA
City that at least by locals as well as paranormal investigators is considered as the No. # 1 Haunted City in United States.

Savannah, GA
Savannah was named "America's Most Haunted City" in 2002 by the American Institute of Parapsychology. Haunted tours are one of the city's income sources.

Gettysburg, PA
Mark Nesbitt has spent years researching and categorizing reports of paranormal around the area of the most deadly battle of Civil War (battle that resulted in 51,000 American casualties). He has also written a book "Ghosts of Gettysburg."

Chicago, IL
Known for many ghost stories, from fire started by Mrs. O' Leary's cow to stories about Al Capone. Chicago is the city from where more ghost stories have come out than from any other.

Salem, MA
We've all heard of Salem witches for one reason or another. The town is infamous for Salem Witch Trials in the 1600s.

Charleston, SC
As Gettysburg, the main hauntings in Charleston are again connected with the Civil War.

Portland, OR
Town with bizarre history and a really high number of ghost sightings.

Athens, OH
Known for stories that date back over 100 years. Stories inspired by hauntings that include everything from a headless train conductor to pagan cults.

Key West, FL
Key West is the home to some of the oldest and creepiest ghost stories

San Francisco, CA
One of the most famous haunted mansions and hotels in there is Queen Anne Hotel, a former school for girls in the 1890s, supposedly haunted by the ghost of its former headmistress, Mary Lake.

And when we are talking about haunted places in San Francisco, we also can't forget Alcatraz Island, San Francisco's most famous landmark.

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