Crazy and crazier - the women's shoe fashion

Article by Roberto Fuzzy

Alright, I know these are the exceptions to the boring normal standard, but sometimes, when the exceptions are crazy enough, they start to make us doubt about the industry in general. Well, long story short, are you ready for some "cool" women's shoes?

Boxy shoes

Cinderella shoes
Well, it's an old fairytale already, I'm kind of surpised we don't see those in the streets every day.

Constructor shoes

Don't lose your dogs!

I wanna be half naked!
Well, fashion is sometimes kinda creepy. And I guess it's kinda creepy that I say creepy in case of these shoes, not the previous or next ones

I'll bite!
Imagine getting kicked in your groin with these ones...ouch..."sorry darling, I forgot what I was wearing".

Animal lover
If you're really an animal lover (not the PETA kind though), you'll love those, shoes with an animal holding facility.

Is that gum on your shoe?

Matter of taste

Mental shoes
Just because they make me think about the person's mental state.

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