The Case of the Levitating Chair

Article by Gayle Arrowood

"Where'd you ever get this lounge chair?" Michael said when he and Phillip were on his patio. "I have to have one. It can even ease headaches and joint pains, you say?"

"Oh yes and very comfortable being suspended in mid-air, too. As for where to buy them, I'll never tell. This is one thing I'm going to have for a while before you go out and buy one too. I find the novelty and you buy two or three or four." Phillip relaxed in the chair and let it take him into the air.

"That is such a clever use of a magnetic field. And it's all plastic, and comes ready for the pillows for comfort." Michael stared with eyes as wide as his mouth was open.

"The cushions don't come with it. Marian had these specially made." Phillip returned to earth. "It doesn't levitate that high, just high enough for total relaxation."

"Do you mind if I try it?" Michael asked.

"By all means, try it. You'll eat your heart out for one of these." Phillip watched with a triumphant smile on his face. "I've finally done it. I have something you can't have for a year. I paid them to keep it off the market for a year."

"You're really not going to tell me where you bought it? I'll find out, by hook or by crook."


"I didn't realize we had so many young men at the Men's Club." Phillip hit the yellow ball into one of the pool pockets. They were in Phillip's game room while the rest of the people Michael brought with him were on the patio. "I've never met most of them."

"You don't get around with the younger guys much. Mostly they're in the weight room. You could use a little weight lifting." Michael gently poked Phillip in the gut.

"You're a betting man," added Michael. "How about a little wager about that chair?"

"The levitating lounger?" asked Phillip.

"Precisely, if I can get the red ball into that pocket, you tell me where you bought the lounger, as you call it." Michael cocked an eye at Phillip.

"That's an impossible shot. The wager's on." Phillip laughed so hard. "I know you'll miss." Silence. "I knew you'd miss."

"I'll find out yet, Phillip."
Just then Lawrence came into the room from the patio. "Where'd you get the chair?"

"Never mind. Now the game is over and I'm tired. Could you get your gang out of here, Michael? And don't bring them over again. I'll get to know them at the club." Phillip patted his stomach. "In the weight room."
Phillip politely herded the gang out his front door. At that point, his wife screamed, "They've robbed us."
"What are you blabbering about, Marian?"
"The chair's gone."

Michael ran after the rest of his friends and they piled into three trucks, back and front. One had Phillip's levitating chair in it.

"I'll have you arrested for this Michael." Phillip's face had turned scarlet.


When the officer arrived at Phillip's house, he was quickly ushered to the scene of the crime, the patio. "Michael, my best friend, is responsible for stealing my levitating chair."

"I can get it back for you right away," said the officer, "but first you'll have to tell me where you got it."

"Why you…how much did he give you. I'll double the amount…"

"Trying to bribe a police officer, are you?"

"Well no, I just thought Michael told you to say that."

"He did. He'll return the lounger when you tell him who made it." The officer turned around and walked out the door.

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