The Most Embarrassing Way to Avoid Someone

Article by Gayle Arrowood

Carol Ann was up at the first hint of dawn to prepare for her dinner party that night. First, she prepared the marinate for the steaks. So they could soak. Then she needed to prepare the sweet-sour sauce for the party wieners and the baby backs, so they could soak, too.

Sheíd forgotten to buy the currant jelly needed for the sauce and had to go to the store immediately.

But that grocery store didnít open for another hour. She was nearly in tears. She would have had time to wash her hair before leaving the house, but she forgot, so absorbed in the food was she.

Carol Ann started the baking. She was making her dinner roles and pie crust from scratch. She loved baking and forgot about the currant jelly until three hours later. Panicked, she tucked her hair under a knit hat and hurried to the grocery store.

She ran a couple of stop signs on her way to the store. So she heard horns blaring all the way to the parking lot.
When she got out of her car, she saw Emmy Lou getting out of hers. ďI canít be seen walking into the store when she does. Iíll go to the other side of the lot, and itíll take more time,Ē she muttered to the wind.

Of course, she knew Emmy Lou saw her cross over to the other side and knew why. But she didnít care. She could feel Emmy Lou watching her and hated the feeling. Why did she have to run into that woman, who had an old rickety car and bought her clothes at thrift shops? Why hadnít she remembered about the jelly right away? She was even more irritated now than she was panicked before coming to the store.

Carol Ann was so absorbed in avoiding Emmy Lou that she inadvertently walked under a tree branch that caught her knit hat and yanked it right off her head, exposing her dirty, oily hair.

Emmy Lou pointed at Carol Ann and shouted, ďLook! Her hat came off her head, and she hasnít washed her hair.Ē

Of course, everyone turned to look at Carol Ann and saw her before she could get the knit hat off the branch and back on her head.

Now she was humiliated with everyone staring at her and laughing. Emmy Lou couldnít stop laughing all the way through the store.