When News Becomes Weirder Than Fiction

Article by Jay Gory

The good, the bad and the weird! This certainly seems to be an appropriate title when it comes to the news. While politics and sporting events have millions of readers and viewers hooked to the very latest occurrences across our nation, the crazy potpourri of our population known as Americans are also not averse to the idea of making headlines with their entirely weird and unique antics. Let us now take a look at some of the most bizarre news ever, the ones that had us all in splits while making us question the sanity of the ones involved.

Federal Grants Utilized: An organization located in the state of North Carolina decided to conduct a research into the worst possible ways of spending the Federal Stimulus grants. They soon zeroed in on the money that was spent on, get this, monkeys with long term cocaine addiction problems!

Unique Spa Treatment: A particularly well known spa in Santa Fe, Mexico, now has clients flocking to it for its special treatment, which has been hailed as its ‘signature’ service. The process of the treatment apparently was in vogue thousands of years ago when the Geisha girls of Japan used it to rejuvenate their skin. The ingredients consist of dried nightingale droppings which are powdered and mixed with certain sanitizing oils before scrubbing the face vigorously with it.

Blinking Shoes: The Jimmy Choo shoe store in New York City reported that it had been completely sold out of a particular make of high heeled shoes for women. Known as the light up shoes, the five inched heels blinked with every step. The blinking shoes caught on so much that the women were not averse to paying $2,495 for a pair even though the battery got exhausted after a hundred uses and there was no provision for recharging it.

Drunk On Hair Spray: People in the neighborhood and within the Wal-Mart store in one of the localities of Florida suspected something amiss when they discovered a man going into the store and downing bottles and bottles of the hair sprays kept on display. The security of the store was aghast as he reported this and the culprit was immediately arrested on charges of shop lifting. He explained that he had opted to drink hair sprays instead of the normal booze as he feared that he could not have overcome his temptation for alcohol had he walked into a liquor shop.

Irate Father Calls Cops: A father called in the cops in Bedford, Ohio, one fine day. He complained that his son refused to tidy his room and had strewn a plateful of food on being asked to clean up the mess in his room. He added that neither he nor his wife could control the 270 pound giant of a man, aged 63!

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